How do I choose a program?

Updated 5 months ago by Aron Wolman

Currently we have 2 main subscription programming options, the Strength Team and the Stamina Team. These teams are programmed in distinct 12 week cycles, with more specific training goals and build-up/de-load periods, as opposed to the more linear format of the social media programming. (Additionally, the subscription teams come with access to SOFLETE coaches, as well as performance tracking and the ability to interact with the other SOFLETE athletes.)

Each team contains both strength and stamina work, but focuses on it’s respective name. The Strength Team programming consists of heavy strength work coupled with metcons (long ones on Saturday) with a lot of mobility work and active recovery days. We have seen plenty of bigger guys get stronger AND faster on the Strength Team. 

The Stamina team contains enough strength work for all but heavy powerlifters to keep or increase their current strength numbers. The work includes longer stamina movements and movement combinations. If you feel like you need to increase your conditioning and stamina, this is the team you should join. It’s likely that you will also build strength. 

Our programming is offered on a month to month subscription basis, with no commitment. If you feel like it’s not the right fit for you, you can cancel at any time.

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