Why should I use SOFLETE programming?

Updated 5 years ago by Aron Wolman

SOFLETE methodologies are based on a proven system of building strength and stamina.

To put it simply, our programs are designed to strengthen your body in order to be able to better handle the rigors and impact of either a SOF Selection, or operations as an SOF operator. We want to be very clear: The fitness needs and performance points to pass a selection, even, are not the same as what is needed in a special operations team. 

“The truest measure of competition is not in the stadium. The truest measure of competition is on the battlefield. The fiercest competitors face off with their lives on the line, and the winners simply are able to survive the encounter. The fact of the matter is that in war, your every move, moment of hesitation, strength, and weaknesses will weigh on your survival. The terrifying, and unsaid truth, is that even if you do everything right, you can still die.  In virtually no other sport is this true.”

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