Can I substitute movements if I don't have all the equipment?

Updated 5 years ago by Aron Wolman

Some of the movements we program have no true substitution.

They are odd object movements that have inherent instability that activate muscles that a barbell can't fully replicate. Most of the substitution questions we receive are sandbag related. 

We suggest either buying a sandbag or making one on the cheap out of a sandbag and 100 mph tape, because honestly there's nothing like moving a sandbag. However, we realize that certain gyms don't allow certain movements, space is limited, or equipment isn't available.

Sandbag ground to shoulder -> atlas stone ground to shoulder ->double KB clean -> power clean
Lateral sandbag throws -> lateral KB throw -> lateral sledgehammer strike -> KB chop -> lateral cable chop -> lateral med ball toss (triple the distance)
Over the shoulder sandbag throw -> over the shoulder atlas stone throw ->over the shoulder KB throw -> over the shoulder med ball toss (triple the distance) -> power clean
Back rack barbell carry -> march in place with barbell (1 step equals 3/4 of a meter)
There is a way to train for rucking without rucking and that's trunk work and cycling.
Swimming -> You can sub in running, rowing, or cycling (including stationary bike). Multiply the swim distance 4.25x for rowing, 4x for running, 12x for cycling.

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